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Imagining Reality: Kathleen Elliot and Huguette Despault MayImagining Reality: Kathleen Elliot and Huguette Despault May

August 23 – October 12, 2014

Imagining Reality features the work of two contemporary artists, Kathleen Elliot and Huguette Despault May. Elliot’s imaginary botanicals are made of exquisitely formed flameworked glass. They capture the essence of leaves, flowers, fruit and vines, while reimagining nature in personally expressive works. Elliot emphasizes the connection between botanical life and the human body through suggestive forms and sinuous lines. May’s drawings depict in great detail worlds unto themselves. In her Hawser series, a hawser is a rope used to moor or tow ships, the artist draws a section of the rope, focusing on both its deterioration from intensive use and the integrity of its remaining structure. The anatomy of the worn rope suggests the human body, and its muscles and sinews beneath the surface. Both artists, while working in different mediums, use the power of line to convey our humanity.

Exhibition organized through Katharine T. Carter & Associates.

Image credits:Left: Kathleen Elliot, Winter Cyclone, 2009. Glass, 34 " h x 10" w x 10" d. Courtesy of the artist. Right: Huguette Despault May, The Core, 2009. Charcoal on heavyweight Stonehenge paper, 55" h x 44" w. Courtesy of the artist.