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The Art of Networks IIThe Art of Networks II

September 12 - November 8, 2015

Networks are everywhere. We find them in a myriad of areas, from metabolic to social networks, from transportation systems to power grids. Networks describe how entities - people, objects, organisms, etc. – are connected and interact with each other. The focus of networks is on relationships, what happens between things, not within them. By studying the patterns of connections among elements in a system we can learn some governing principles of complex physical, biological and social phenomena.

 The Art of Networks II brings together nine network visualizations examining issues in political and social science, biology, technology, transportation systems and cultural phenomena. The authors are representative of top visualization research labs and studios around the world that are producing some of the most innovative work in this area.

The Art of Networks II was organized by Isabel Meirelles, information designer and professor at OCAD University, Canada, in collaboration with Jackie Borsanyi, Curator of Exhibitions, Foosaner Art Museum and Ronaldo Menezes at the Florida Institute of Technology.

 The Art of Networks II would not be possible without the generosity of all the authors who are participating in this special exhibition.

 Image credit: Santiago Ortiz, Lostalgic, 2012. An online application that depicts ABC's television series LOST.