Adult Classes

Summer classes will run June 14-August 6. The 8-week semester will feature a small variety of classes in ceramics and mixed media art.

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#905 – Creative Play in Clay - Summer 2016

Elaine Rowgo

A = All levels

Explore the many ways to create well-made functional and sculptural objects in clay. Develop an understanding and appreciation of clay's strengths, nuances, and flexibility and also an insight into its vast potential for creativity. Open to beginners and continuing students. Wheel throwers welcome.

25 lbs of clay and firing fees are included.

Materials required:

basic clay tool kit (available at any local art supply or for purchase at Education Center for $12)

I am one of those people who played “Art Teacher” to my younger brother and sister, at age 6. I have always loved drawing, painting, and the visual world. Clay is just a wider field of expression in the creative field. So I like to teach my passion about this medium with the hope that my students also find it fascinating.

I enjoy all aspects of clay: wheel throwing; hand building; and sculpture. With my BFA in painting I tend also to combine painting with certain forms. My approach to teaching is to encourage every student to find their own “voice” in clay. Discovering clay’s huge range of possibilities, sharing what I have learned over a decade of teaching, and seeing students explore what clay can do, make it an exciting medium to teach.

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SelectDayDateTimeSeating LimitStatus
TuesdayJun 14, 2016 – Aug 02, 20166:00 pm – 9:00 pmFullClosed

Total $175.00

#1006 – Beginning Pottery Summer 2016

Nancy Trezza

An 8-week beginners course teaching fundamentals of clay, throwing on the wheel and glazing. This class may be repeated by those who wish to further enhance their study of fundamental pottery techniques.

Nancy Trezza is a recently retired educator from the Northeast. She has been a successful clay artist for 30 years and teaches beginning through advanced ceramics classes at the Renee Foosaner Education Center. Additionally, Nancy maintains and manages the center's glaze and chemical studio.

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SaturdayJun 18, 2016 – Aug 06, 20169:00 am – 12:00 pmFullClosed

Total $175.00

#910 – Evenings on the Wheel - Summer 2016

Tim Jarvis

I = Intermediate

Learn techniques for throwing basic forms such as bowls, cups, and vases.  Heavy emphasis on wheel. Best for potters with some experience.

25 lbs of clay and firing fees are included.

Materials required: basic clay tool kit (available for purchase at Education Center for $12); additional bags of clay are $25.

While the ancient art of pottery began thousands of years ago, my own journey began more recently, when I formed my first pot in 1978 at the young age of 13. The feeling of the clay in my hands continues to enthrall me to this day. Through many personal achievements and failures, as well as the tutelage of several raku masters, with special individual thanks to Charles & Linda Riggs, I’ve discovered magic in its most elemental and purest form.

In 2004 and 2005, I worked, honed my craft, learned new skills, perfected older ones, at Roundtree Pottery in Panama CityFlorida. While officially employed as a Raku "production potter", I was given the opportunity to develop designs, create glazes, and begin to build my skills as an instructor.

More recently, I’ve returned to my pottery origins, and branched out to include more functional forms as well. This is where pottery speaks to all of us, old and young. Tableware, while functional, can also instill memories within all of us, of a time when our families gather at the table, and enjoy a good meal, and good times. Planters allow us to bring the beauty of Mother Nature inside. In fact, nature plays a pivotal role in design inspiration, be it the use of horse hair, feathers, or leaves for decoration, the clay that I choose that is provided by Mother Earth, or the clay forms that I create to pay homage to the world around us.

While I continue to enjoy my explorations of the ever changing mysteries of decorative and functional pottery, I've again been blessed with the opportunity to help others to learn, and experience the magic and mystery. In Fall of 2013, I was welcomed into the Foosaner Art Museum family, where I teach wheel throwing to budding artists, host workshops, and oversee their open studio time. I am inspired by the joy I see in others, and look forward to seeing where this path takes me. I hope that I inspire my students, as much as they inspire me.

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SelectDayDateTimeSeating LimitStatus
WednesdayJun 15, 2016 – Aug 03, 20166:00 pm – 9:00 pmFullClosed

Total $175.00

#1143 – Summer Ceramics - 2016

Bobbie McMillan

Having fun while working with clay is the objective of this class. A variety of projects, functional and nonfunctional, for both wheel throwers and handbuilders will be presented. Additionally, assistance with your personal clay objectives is also provided. Surface enrichments, glazing and Raku are also part of the 8 week course.

25 lbs of clay and firing fees are included.

Bobbie McMillan holds an MA in Ceramics Arts from Hood College, in Fredrick, Maryland. She holds a BFA in ceramics from the University of Houston, Houston, Texas.

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SelectDayDateTimeSeating LimitStatus
SaturdayJun 18, 2016 – Aug 06, 20161:00 pm – 4:00 pm2 Seat(s) AvailableOpen

Total $175.00

#220 – Mixed Media Painting and Drawing- Summer 2016

Georgi Gelalles

Explore drawing for painting along with basic techniques in acrylic.  Learn basic shapes, perspective and intro to figure, in drawing. In painting, loose watercolor, stumbling, thick impasto techniques and mixed media will be taught and demonstrated. Collage, image transfer, stenciling and spray painting also demonstrated and taught. Discussion of famous painters, their techniques, will be part of weekly lesson.

Materials Needed:

Drawing Tools:

6B, 4B pencil
White eraser or kneadable eraser
Hand Pencil sharpener

Brushes: (synthetic OK)

#0, 5, 8, 12 round
#6, ¾”, 1” flat
#8 filbert
#2 fan
Cheap sponge brushes, ½”, 1”, 3”
(look for kits of brushes, may be cheaper)

Acrylic set 12 or more color tubes
Small jar heavy gel acrylic medium
Gloss or satin acrylic medium
Large soft sponge (could be simple flat sponge) Wet palette & pad, or large, shallow plastic container with a tight lid to avoid wasting paint.

Canvas boards or stretched canvases, 9x12, 16x20, or larger

Mixed Media Supplies:

Water color pencils
Rice Paper
Newspaper & Magazine clippings of desired images for collage or transfer
Cloth scraps
Colored tissue paper
Any tidbits of treasure you’ve thought about making “something” with---
Photographs, concert stubs, vacation brochures, greeting cards, etc…
Oak tag, card stock, or old file folders for use as stencils
Spray paint, at least 3 colors
Optional but Recommended:
Brush carrier or tube to protect brushes

Georgi Gelalles has worked in mixed media for over 30 years either in painting or sculpture and has exhibited in many group shows both in New York City and in Florida. She graduated MFA from FSU, did graduate work at NYU, School of Visual Arts, Associates Degree, computer graphics at Keiser College, Melbourne. Georgi Gelalles taught art in public school, NYC, for 25 years. She is a member of the Artists Guild of Brevard, Brevard Cultural Alliance, Strawbridge Artists Guild, Artists Registry, and is currently working both with sculpture and mixed media collage.

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SelectDayDateTimeSeating LimitStatus
SaturdayJun 18, 2016 – Aug 06, 20169:00 am – 12:00 pmFullClosed

Total $150.00